Thursday, December 15, 2011

Penny worth lives

Enough has been written and spoken about an issue that is about the safety of people around Mullai periyar. Well, the feelings on both side are valuable, the focus is shifted from the core issue. The claim about the safety of the Dam is sidelined by the safety of the people around it. Yes, those who voiced for the lives around the dam were became predators. The reason may be different, but the lives around mullai pariyar is endangered by the people of their own land and not the one portrayed as killer, Tamilnadu.

I had a belief that 100% literacy will make man and woman a 100% human. A belief proved wrong as of my many others.I just made up my self,may be it is what you taught matters.

I was not a witness on the scenes where women workers were molested, torchered and beaten to death for being another race.

I was not the witness when the devotees of a god, who found his place on the earth where people with more intelligence, were beaten and humiliated for the reason they belonged to a different race.

Thank god, i was not a witness, i prefer to be an illiterate on this sense.

There are news across state(Tamilnadu) that the other race's properties have been damaged for revenge. I felt bad about the poor illiterates who doesn't even value the lives of their own race. Period.

The words of the politicians never meant to be same over the time. It makes sense for their life, lacking sense of life. But the common man who seeks to portray them self as highly dignified personnel on platforms by showing visualized images and fact reports with research thesis from premier institute doesn't seems to have the basic quality of humanity, to respect the life of a human.

I am not surprised to see the direction of wind flow, as it matters with the atmosphere, how smart you are in reaching out the people with your thought, even if it is not testified.

Well, I ended up in talking more about the other side. Let me wrap up with a note on the race I belong.

They will never show you their strength by repeating whatever harm you did to them.

They may not be successful in winning the minds of people around.

They might have lost the war.

But, They will be last forever in the world with the memory that they lived in the earth with heart, yet illiterate.

Either the Dam is Safe or Unsafe, the people around it (Tamils) gets affected is the fact.